Le Sandwich
The French culinary genius is not only limited to three star restaurants. One could argue that the traditional "jambon-beurre" ("ham-butter") on a fresh baguette is the classic Frenchfood, simpleyet perfect. If the bread is good, if the butter is thick enough, the"jambon-beurre" comes close to perfection on earth. In Jean-Jacques Beneix's cult movie, Diva, one of the caracters explains howto make a perfect Camembert sandwich. This simple culinary act becomes a Zen ritual. On the matter of sandwiches, France and the U.S. differ -another source of misunderstanding. For a French palate, a sandwich is something between two slices of bread. For an American, without meat, a sandwich is not worth its name. Here ismy selection of some of the best sandwiches in the capital.

Restaurant Michel Rostang

The most talked-about sandwich: "
Le Sandwich Tiède à la Truffe Fraîche au Pain de Campagne Grillé et Beurre Salé ". Understand: fresh truffle sandwich on toasted country and salted butter. Two star Michel Rostang, has come up with this incredible sandwich. This is how gastronomic expert Jeffrey Steingarten describes the sandwich: "Lavish quantities of butter and sliced black truffles are allowed to infuse for a night of two in the refrigerator between two slices of country bread, which is then grilled on both sides so that the perfumed butter oozes into every pore and bubble."

Restaurant Michel Rostang. 10, rue Gustave Flaubert. 17th Tel: 01 47 63 40 77.


The famous "Epicerie de Luxe" -a luxurious food emporium- is also one of the best kept secrets. Its sandwiches are delicious. Eaten with one of Fauchon's glorious pastries, it is one of the best and cheapest meals in Paris. One can eat at one of the small counters. They are always full but by some mysterious law of the universe, by the time one has chosen one’s sandwich, there is invariably a place available.

26, Place de la Madeleine. 8th. Tel: 01 47 42 60 11


Hôtel Prince de Galles

Its lobster sandwich, taken at the bar of this elegant hotel, is a marvel. As expansive as a full meal but is worth it. In the same category, the club sandwich with "magret de canard" with a chef salad, is one of the reasons the Hôtel RaphaĎl attracts so many beautiful people.

Hôtel Prince de Galles.
33, ave George V. 8th. Tel: 01 53 23 77 77  Hôtel Raphael. 17, ave Kléber. 16th. Tel: 01 53 64 32 00

Au Vide-Gousset

The decor of the bistrot has not changed in generations, which makes it even more appealing to the fashion crowd who works nearby. It "croque campagne" and sandwiches are also among the best.
1, rue Vide-Gousset. 2th. Tel: 01 42 60 02 78 

La Tartine.

Don't be put off by the bleak light and the owner glued to his cash register. Its generous slices of pain Poilâne with cheese or ham, are really wonderful.

24, rue de Rivoli. 4th. Tel: 01 42 72 76 85 


Another institution. The tea salon/patisserie prepares each day 18 different kinds of sanwiches on its "pain de mie" (soft bread). Wrapped in a cellophane paper, the sanwiches are so fresh they melt. 16, rue Royale. 8th. Tel: 01 42 60 21 79 

La Cloche des Halles

The owner's little wines are best tasted with his sandwiches with "jambon blanc à l'os", "jambon d'Auvergne" or "pâté de campagne." His country bread is excellent.

26, rue Coquilière. 1st. Tel: 01 42 36 93 89

Le Griffonnier

A fabulous wine bistro with great charcuterie. 8, rue des Saussaies. 8th.Tel: 01 42 65 17 17


Not French, but still one of my favorite sandwich places: Three addresses, but they all offer the the same delicious sandwiches on Italian bread stuffed with "rostino" (pork roast), bresaola (a thin dried meat), and delicious Italian cheeses.

8, rue de Marignan. 8th, Tel: 01 42 89 45 89 or 128, rue Lamarck. 18th. 01 42 63 88 16  Web site

Le Griffonnier

A fabulous wine bistro with great charcuterie. 8, rue des Saussaies. 8th.Tel: 01 42 65 17 17


Even if the atmosphere sometimes evokes a crowded airport, its sandwiches are excellent. One of the rare places serving organic sandwiches (the bread and the ingredients are organic). The turkey sandwich with curry is a must.

4 rue Cambon. 1st. Tel: 01 40 15 94 95 or 50 rue Etienne Marcel. 2nd. Tel: 01 42 21 16 14